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Product Category: Chairs

Stony Fork Wing Chair

33″W x 34″D x 42″H

Seat, 21″W x 20 1/2″D x 20″H

Shown in April 3008 Midnight and Black wood.

Cape Cod Chair & A Half

42″W x 34″D x 47″H

Seat, 30″W x 20″D x 20″H

Shown in Pineapple 2002 Ecru Rose fabric

Walnut wood and optional pillow.

Country Chippendale Chair

35″W x 33″D x 38″H

Seat, 21″W x 20 1/2″D x 20 1/2″H

Shown in Virginia Sampler 3002 Mustard fabric and Black wood.

Laurel Ridge Wing Chair

32″W x 34″D x 46″H

Seat, 19″W x 19 1/2″D x 20″H

Shown in Monarch 2058 Ecru Rose fabric and Walnut wood. 

Lincoln High Back Crown Top Dining Chair

19 1/2″W x 26″D x 43″H

Seat, 19 1/2″w x 17 1/2″D x 18 1/2″H

Shown in Tavern Check 1003 Ecru Rose fabric and Custom finish. Also available JLLC Lincoln Low Back Crown Top.

Lincoln Low Back Straight Top Dining Chair

19 1/2″W x 26″D x 38″H

Seat, 19 1/2″W x 17 1/2″D x 18 1/2″H

Shown in Erin 1023 Ecru Mustard fabric and Custom finish.  Also available JLLHS Lincoln High Back Straight Top.

Millers Creek Wing Chair

32″W x 34″D x 50″H

Seat, 20″W x 20 1/2″D x 19 1/2″

Shown in Snowflake 2061 Ecru Rose fabric and Black wood. Also available JMC42 Millers Creek Chair & A Half.

Sarah Reaver Chair

26″W x 29″D x 45″H

Seat, 19″W x 18″Dx 20″H

Shown in Liberty 1030 Black Mustard fabric and Black wood. 

Public House Chair

34″W x 31″D x 50″H

Seat, 21″W x 20″D x 19″H

Shown in Customer’s Own Material.



RC Recliner

36″W x 37″D x 46″H

Seat, 21″W x 21″D x 19″H

Shown in Little Bit 2021 Ecru Rose fabric and Walnut wood.

JB Recliner

32″W x 36″D x 42″H

Seat, 20″W x 21″D x 18 1/2″H

Shown in Presido 1013 Chestnut fabric and Walnut wood.

John Adams Chair

32″W x 30″D x 50″H

Seat, 24″W x 18″D x 20″H

Shown in Salem 2031 Ebony fabric and Walnut wood.

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