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Early American Furnishings

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American Country Furnishings

Time honored furnishings…for every home!

Early American & Country Furniture | Handcrafted in Ohio

Town & Country Furnishings is pleased to offer exceptional lines of American Primitive/Early American, American Country, and our newest, All American home furnishings. We create furniture of simple elegance, complemented by a selection of traditional fabrics that span the test of time. Our furniture speaks of the past yet blends beautifully with today’s styles and needs. As functional as it is beautiful, our period furniture is perfect as a centerpiece for a room or for a cozy corner. Simple, traditional lines offer efficient comfort. Textures paired with patterns reminiscent of earlier times welcome you to sit, relax, and stay awhile.

American Primitive Collection

The American Primitive Collection represents the “Early American” period in furnishings. Modeled after European furniture styles, the straight lines, simple design and sturdy dimensions harken back to colonial times.

American Country Collection

Our American Country Collection is for those who desire the charm ad rustic nature of country furniture, but with modern comforts. Our 8-way, hand-tied, coiled springs and seats bring added comfort and relaxation.

All American Collection

Our All-American collection is a mix of rustic and traditional styles, with the same modern comforts you’re used to from our 8-way, hand-tied, coiled spring seats.