Early American
American Country

American Primitive Collection from Town & Country Furnishings


use-bs barrel sofa
Barrel Sofa
usf-ccm72 coventry camelback sofa
Coventry Camelback Sofa 72"
usf-cm72 formal camelback sofa 72
Formal Camelback Sofa 72"
usf-cm83 formal camelback sofa 8
Formal Camelback Sofa 83"
ust-ci68 center inn gent sofa
Center Inn Gent Sofa
usf-g guildford sofa 72
Guildford Sofa 72"
usf-gn75 super grand Northampton sofa
Super Grand Northhampton Sofa
use-gn64 grand northhampton sofa
Grand Northhampton Sofa
usf-s77 sheraton sofa 77
Sheraton Sofa 77"
usf-s67 sheraton sofa 67
Sheraton Sofa 67"
usf-w westboro sofa 58
Westboro Sofa 58"
usf-w westboro sofa 58
Westboro Sofa 58"
Chippendale Sofa 65"
usf-ch73 country heart sofa
Country Heart Sofa 73"
usf-wnm Willam and Mary sofa 7
William & Mary Sofa 73"
usf-df77 deerfield sofa 77
Deerfield Sofa 77"
usf-df85 deerfield sofa 85
Deerfield Sofa 85"
usf-shb72 shelbourne sofa 72
Shelbourne Sofa 78"
usf-shb78 shelbourne sofa 78
Shelbourne Sofa 78"
usf-bk60 berkshire sofa
Berkshire Sofa 60"
usf-bk82 berkshire sofa 82
Berkshire Sofa 82"
use-dr54 deerfield sofa
54" Deerfield Sofa


uc-bc barrel chair
Barrel Chair
uc-cig center inn gent chair
Center Inn Gent Chair
ust-cig and uo-cif center inn gent chair and footstool
Center Inn Gent Chair | Center Inn Gent Footstool
uc-kd center inn kiddie chair
Center Inn Kiddie Chair
uc_cg Guildford companion chair
Guildford Companion Chair
uc-jkb jacobean chair
Jacobean Chair
uc-lw library wing chair
Library Wing Chair
uc-lbc little bit of country chair w/turned legs
Little Bit of Country Chair with Turned Legs
uc-lbc little bit of country chair w/square legs
Little Bit of Country with Square Legs
uc-mda make-do arm chair
Make-Do Arm Chair
uc-mdw make-do wing chair
Make-Do Wing Chair
uc-mdw make-do wing chair Burgundy
Make-Do Wing Chair
uc-mds make-do side chair
Make-Do Side Chair
uc-nhh northhampton chair and a half
Northhampton Chair & A Half
uc-nh northhampton chair
Northhampton Chair
uc-nhq northhampton chair and a quarter
Northhampton Chair & A Quarter
uc-ph public house chair red
Public House Chair
uc-s sheraton chair
Sheraton Chair
uc-wb westboro chair
Westboro Chair
uc-ws woodstock chair & uo-wsft woodstock footstool
Woodstock Chair | Woodstock Footstool
uc-ws woodstock chair
Woodstock Chair
uc-ws woodstock tavern check chair
Woodstock Chair
uc-ww woodstock woodie
Woodstock Woodie
uc-cw country classic wing chair tripoli 2050 ecru black
Country Classic Wing Chair
uc-a arabella chair little bit
Arabella Chair with Loose Cushion
uc-dvs devonshire chair
Devonshire Chair
uc-fs fireside chair
Fireside Chair
uc-dvs devonshire chair with tick
Devonshire Chair with Optional Tick
uc-cw country classic wing chair new holland
Country Classic Wing Chair
uc-a arabella chair with tight seat
Arabella Chair with Tight Seat
uc-hs hearthside chair
Hearthside Chair
uc-ja john adams scarlet
John Adams Chair
uc-ja john adams chair salem
John Adams Chair
uc-mrl marlboro chair
Marlboro Chair
uc-pb pembroke chair
Pembroke Chair
uc-va virginia chair
Virginia Chair
uc-wkf wakefield chair
Wakefield Chair
uc-mw martha washington chair
Martha Washington Chair
uc-ph public house chair 2
Public House Chair


ust-bs barrel settle
Barrel Settle
use-cig center inn gent settle
Center Inn Gent Settle
ust-jkb Jacobean settle
Jacobean Settle
ust-lw library wing settle
Library Wing Settle
ust-lbc little bit of country settle w/turned legs
Little Bit of Country Settle with Turned Legs
ust-ph public house settle
Public House Settle
uc-ww woodstock settle
Woodstock Settle
ust-hm heart of massachusetts settle
Heart of Massachusetts Settle


ou-jkbft jacobean footstool
Jacobean Footstool
uo-cif center gent footstool
Center Inn Gent Footstool


uc-rcl recliner
RC Recliner
jb recliner
JB Recliner


usf-hb hall bench
Hall Bench